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Tips to study better

Tips to study better

Most students in the country are in their annual exams mood now.

Here are some tips to improve your study and perform better in the exams:

Each one has his/her own study style. Normally, there are four learning styles including visual learning, auditory learning, reading or writing, and kinesthetic learning.

Prepare yourself as per your desired style of learning. For instance, if you like kinesthetic learning, then you enjoy learning through building models, making flash cards, and drawing diagrams.

Choose a place for your study which does not interrupt you. However, this depends on your learning style. For example, if you love auditory learning, then music may improve your focus, but it may distract other students.

Try to eliminate all distractions while studying for exams. Whether it is watching videos on YouTube or chatting with friends on Facebook, stay away with all those that distract your focus and concentration.

Have a balanced life while preparing for your exams. It is quite common for several students to study throughout the day during their exams. It may reduce productivity. You may also feel sleepy or get bored. So, take small gaps in your study. Make a balance between your study and normal life. Remember that quality study is important rather than quantity.

Set study times for each subject so that you can cover all subjects before your exams. If you reach the set goals, reward yourself with fun activities. This gives extra energy to finish your target in a specific time.

If you have any assignments or projects to be submitted for your exams, finish all of them in the given deadline.

Prepare your own notes for all the important topics you find. Write all important points, side headings and main headings. Dedicate a new page for each lesson.

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