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Tips for better fertility for men

Tips for better fertility for men

In order to have successfully and healthy pregnancy, a man’s sperm should be healthy. The fertility depends on various factors. A survey has recently found that 30 percent of fertility failure cases are caused by male infertility. Here are some tips to improve male fertility.

Lose weight

Having extra weight in your body can reduce your sperm count. Maintaining a healthy weight can help your fertility better.


A better diet equates to better fertility. Having fresh fruits and vegetables certainly helps. The antioxidants in fruits can increase the quality of sperm.


Working out helps you get rid of stress which can reduce potency. It also improves blood circulation to all body parts including your privates.

Check for age related problems

Sperm quality is reduced in older men. If you are aged above 50, then it is better to have regular checkups.

General Health

Diabetes and blood pressure problems can cause problems with your sperm quality. Keep these conditions under control to improve the quality of sperm.


Alcohol can have an effect on the quality of your sperm. Staying away from such habits can help you a lot.

Other things that may affect your sperm are steroids, hot tubs, smoking, tight underwear, too much cycling which can cause friction heat near your crotch, and some chemicals.

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