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Things that can irritate your wife

Things that can irritate your wife

Sometimes, certain weird situations can ruin your relationship. If you use certain wrong words, it may lead to a crack in your relationship. Especially if you use the following words or behave in an improper way, they may hurt your wife’s feelings. So, know what things can irritate your wife.

Never compare her cooking with your mother’s. You may like the recipes of your mother and her cooking style. Of course, everybody likes his or her mother’s cooking. But, after marriage, you have to eat your wife’s cooking. So, do not compare cooking style or recipes with your mother or else you may have to starve.

Do not compare your wife with other ladies or praise other women in front of your wife as it may make her jealous or angry and after that, you cannot imagine your situation.

Don’t try to change the channel especially when your wife is seriously watching a serial or programme. If you immediately surrender to her by handling over her remote and hugging her, you can cool her.

Certain simple things may irritate your wife. This could be: leaving your wet towel on the bed or leaving your socks or underwear on the floor.

Do not mess the kitchen while preparing your morning tea or coffee by spilling milk or sugar on the gas oven or leaving used tea leaves in the teapot.

Do not try to interrupt her while talking especially about a new jewellery or sari something she would like to buy. Rather, it is better to pretend as if you are listening to her carefully even if you are thinking about another issue while she is talking. But, just don’t ask stupid questions like what and how after she finishes her talking. You will be smashed then.

If you do not admit your fault even after you are caught guilty, the situation may irritate your wife. And if you are still arguing after that, the situation might worsen.

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