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Social Media plays crucial role in elections

Social Media plays crucial role in elections

Several analytics suggest that social media plays a crucial role in elections. There were many such instances in the past including the US elections where social media affected the voters enormously.

Several parties are trying to attract voters using different platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter etc.

In this context, the code of Ethics came into effect from March 20. Social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp submitted the Voluntary Code of Ethics to Election Commission of India (ECI) through Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI), the liaison between ECI and social media companies.

This is the first time in the country for such a Code for the social media sector.

Unlike printed media, social media has a significant effect on users as it can be easily accessible by them. There is a great risk of spreading fake news on these platforms. Hence, certain kind of regulation is essential.

According to the Code, social media platforms have to pull down the content that breaches electoral law and the Model Code of Conduct of Election Commission.

But, sensitive information can spread faster on social media and affect users. Social media is viral and any information whether true or fake can spread on it in seconds. Experts say that three-hours is long enough to potentially cause damage.

Another challenge before the EC and social media platforms is the coordination and communication between both of them.

Hence, it cannot be concluded that the Code of Ethics is a foolproof arrangement. Yet, both the EC and social media platform are working to yield the best outcome.

In this context, WhatsApp launched its second education campaign yesterday for not spreading rumours. It has more than 87,000 groups for political messaging and influencing voters.

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