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Smartphones found to create aggression

Smartphones found to create aggression

Researchers have found a correlation between the overuse of smartphones by parents and the bad behaviour of their children.

New studies have shown that even low to moderate usages of technology in front of one’s children have been associated with their behavioural issues such as hot temperament, hyperactivity, and over sensitivity.

Such things can even lead to dysfunctional relationships between parents and children down the line.

This correlation is caused by the lack of responsiveness on part of the parents when using technology.

Social interactions with children and digital interactions with a device each require large amounts of attentiveness, if not undivided attention, so it is therefore difficult to focus on both things at once.

A child cannot yet comprehend the reasoning for a parent to spend time on a device instead of with them, thus frustrating him or her.

Annoyed parents may even further pursue giving all their attention to the device, therefore further worsening the temperament of children.

A survey published in the journal Child Development, which took its results from separate surveys done by mothers and fathers in 170 two-parent households, analyzes the correlation in technology use and child misbehaviour.

Forty-eight per cent reported three or more technology interruptions on a daily basis, twenty-four per cent reported twice, seventeen per cent reported once, and only eleven per cent reported no interruptions whatsoever.

Thus, the researchers recommend reserving certain times of the day for quality family time, such as mealtimes. This may aid the easing of tensions in the home and improve the temperament and behaviour of children.

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