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Significance of Moles on love life

Significance of Moles on love life

Most people prefer to not have moles. However, there are beliefs that having moles on certain body parts is associated to different meanings. Moles are also considered to be signs of beauty in many cultures even though many people do not like it.

There are many theories regarding the meaning of having moles on the face. These theories suggest different meaning to moles based on their size and shape. According to Kamasutra, having moles on certain areas means higher sensuality.

For example, people with a mole right under the area of thumb (the area which symbolizes Venus) are bound to have multiple sex partners.

Furthermore, having a mole above the upper lip denotes a boost of sensuality. As per Shastras, this position is the presence of Lord Kama, the god of sensuality.

People who have a mole above their right eye are considered to be great in bed. They are supposed to always perform well.

Kamasutra states that having a mole around the genital area is sign that the person will have a great sex life. But, it also means that the person will easily lose their libido too.

A mole on inner thigh is a sign of person having a great love life.

Mole on chest is a sign that the early years may not be as good but there can be a great love life in future.

A mole on forehead depicts bad decision making.

A mole on the nose is a sign of distrust on those around you.

People with moles on brows are supposed to be great at sports and should consider a career in them.

A mole on the leg indicates great success in everything.

Mole on the fingers indicate obstacles.

A mole on the tongue is a sign of obstacles in education.

A mole cheeks suggest that the person would be earning handsomely.

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