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Security concerns on FaceApp

Security concerns on FaceApp

As FaceApp is going viral on social media, several people are trying it. Some are using its aging version while others are using the male or female version.

The aging version of FaceApp shows how you look like after a few decades when you post your current picture.

The male or female version as the name suggests shows the male version if you upload the picture of a female and vice versa.

Several people are posting their pictures on this app to have fun. They are using FaceApp that adds filters to the photos and shows pictures that make you look older with the help of artificial intelligence.

However, security concerns on using such kind of apps are rising. The FaceApp is developed partially in Russia and experts warn that your photos may be used without your permission.

This app went viral in the last few days. Some people raised concerns on its terms and conditions arguing that the company has a careless approach towards the data of users.

Yet, FaceApp said that most images are being deleted from its servers within 48 hours of upload.

To use this app, people need to provide full and irrevocable access to their photos and data. In this way, people unintentionally provide lots of personal information to the company.

As per the terms and conditions, the company can share any information within the organization and the group of companies in which FaceApp is a partner of.

In this context, the FBI & CIA Intel warns a massive security breach for US Citizens as the app is partly developed in Russia.

Panda Security also says that all your data like cookies, log files, and device identifiers in addition to the location and your images can be shared with anyone.

Moreover, the privacy policy does not reveal how the company is planning to safeguard the data of users stored on its servers and prevent a privacy breach.

As the company says that personal information would be taken off, experts suggest taking care of your data before using any such kind of apps.

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