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SBI warns phone charging at public places

SBI warns phone charging at public places

Country’s largest lender, State Bank of India (SBI) warned its customers to think twice before charging their mobile phones at public places.

SBI said that various charging points at public places are infected with Malwarebytes. They could infect smartphones which result in online data theft including financial data.

Using the malware, online fraudsters find their way to steal data and vital passwords. They can also export this vital data.

The bank also warned about juice jacking. Juice jacking is a type of cyberattack that involves a charging port that doubles as a data connection, typically over USB.

In juice jacking, malware is installed on the device that is plugged in for charging or sensitive data from a smartphone, tablet etc. is copied.

Juice jacking is a USB charger scam. If you are not alert with this attack, it can drain your bank account.

Hence the bank warns its customers to be vigilant and safe.

Take the following safety measures to protect your device from juice jacking:

  • If you are charging your device at public places, then do not visit sites that require a password as fraudsters and hackers can steal your information.
  • If you want to log into your bank account or email account, then use your cellular data which is more difficult to hack.
  • It is better to carry your own charging cables always.
  • Charge your device directly from an electrical outlet.
  • Buy portable batteries from known vendors.
  • If you want to use a VPN, then choose a paid one rather than opting for free ones as they may sell your data.
  • Several public advisories have been issued in the past on avoiding public USB power charging stations like hotels, airports and other such locations.

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