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Salman Khan acquitted of all charges

Salman Khan acquitted of all charges

On Thursday, the Bombay High Court has made a decision regarding the hit and run case on Salman Khan. The court has acquitted the actor of all charges in the 2002 hit and run case. The court has stated that the prosecution failed to prove that Salman Khan was driving or even drinking on the night of the accident.

The High Court ordered the actor to make a fresh cash bond of Rs.25,000 after the cancellation of the bond in the trial court. The court has also told the Bandra Police Station to return the actor’s passport after verification.

The High Court has disposed of the appeal filed against Salman Khan for a five-year jail term by a lower court. It stated that the prosecution did not provide a proper case on all the charges against the actor. The appeal has been disposed of by Justice A R Joshi. He said that the order will be given once the actor is present before the court.

Joshi said that strong suspicion alone is not enough to hold someone guilty. He said that there was no proper material brought on by the prosecution to prove the case. He added that everything that was available was circumstantial evidence.

Regarding the testimony of Salman’s bodyguard Ravindra Patil, Joshi said that it could be of a direct nature, however, the court already stated that it could not be considered and even the trial court did not want to take it on record.

Joshi said that the way the trial court has perceived the evidence was not proper. Regarding the bills produced by the investigating agency to prove Salman and friends drinking at Rain Bar, Joshi said that the Session Court erred in accepting the bills. All of this led to prosecution failing to prove that the actor was drinking or driving the vehicle on the night of the accident.

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