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Respecting our Heroes

Respecting our Heroes

Indian army has always been the protection for the country. They fight while we sleep. December 16, 1971 is an unforgettable day for anyone who fought the Bangladesh war. During this brutal war, 3843 soldiers have lost their lives and 9,851 soldiers were injured. December 16th is called Vijay Diwas due to the victory achieved that day. It was a day that is remembered as victory. Politicians used this day to talk about the victory they achieved as their own. They have used the strength and valor of Indian army for decades. Many of the men who fought have received honors from the country. The war should be remembered as the victory of those men only. The men who followed the orders of their superiors. To them, it was just doing their job. To us it was service which is priceless.

These men may have received titles and honors. However just by looking at the respect they receive in real life shows how they are honored. The field Marshal Sam Manekshaw who led the battle in 1971 is a legend. When he passed away in 2008, even though the government was present at the funeral no wreaths were placed on behalf of the president. Even the Defence minister was busy with politics in Delhi.

It can be stated that many soldiers do not get the respect they deserve in India. Out of the thousands of soldiers who died for the country, how many received the honor they deserved. How many soldiers are still remembered? It is important for the government and also the nation to remember their victory and their honor.

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