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Relationship red flags

Relationship red flags

Relationships can be quite a messy deal. Things can go bad sometimes before you even realize it. While occasional problems are quite common, there are some signs that can indicate a relationship being at its end. If you can recognize these signs and take proper action, then you might be able to avoid disasters. There are other signs in a relationship which could mean that you are in the wrong relationship. Here are some of them.

You do not get a chance to communicate properly

While it is common for one person to be more dominant in a relationship than others, if your partner never lets you freely express your views, then your life could become quite problematic.

Social media problems

If your partner keeps chatting or liking others’ posts at the expense of ignoring you, then it could be a sign that he/she doesn’t care much about you.

Being ignored in public

It feels absolutely miserable to be ignored by your partner, especially in public. This could mean that your partner might not be ready to give your relationship any status in public. This could be an important red flag in new relationships.

Ignoring you

Think about whether you want to share your life with someone who tends to be in his/her own world without paying much attention to you. Make yourself certain before taking steps.

Lack of closeness

If he/she is close to others but not to you, this can suggest intimacy issues or trust issues. These issues need to be solved to have a proper relationship.

Bad conversations

If you cannot have deep and meaningful conversations with your partner, it could suggest a lack of compatibility. Living with someone who isn’t compatible is not a good thing.

Overwhelming love

It might feel good to have your partner constantly shower you with gifts and compliments. However, there is a chance that this might turn bad. Abusers tend to do so in the initial stages of a relationship to trap their partner.

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