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Play with lucky colours on this Holi

Play with lucky colours on this Holi

Holi is a festival of colours. In other words, people play with colours on the eve of Holi festival. Dr Madhu Kotya, Tarot reader and spiritual healer has some tips about colours. According to him, there are some lucky and unlucky colours for people based on their zodiac signs. Those who believe in astrology can follow his tips.

  1. People with Aries should avoid using black. Red, copper and yellow golden are their friendly colours to bring out their energy.
  2. Holi pink boosts the strength of Taurus people.
  3. Yellow increases the energy levels of Geminites. But, they should discard red and black colours.
  4. White and cream colours are well suitable for Cancerians to get positive effects. They should avoid using blue shades.
  5. People of Leo can use bright colours to raise their inner self. They should avoid using black colour.
  6. Virgo people should choose green and yellow to revitalize their power and get success in their endeavours. But they should discard red, blue and black.
  7. Lavender and baby blue are friendly colours for people of Libra to live in peace. Green and yellow are their unfriendly colours.
  8. Red, black, maroon and burgundy are suitable colours for Scorpions to avoid conflicts. They should avoid using blue and white.
  9. Plum and dark blue are the lucky colours for Sagittarians to get positive results and red and black are their unlucky colours.
  10. Charcoal grey is the best colour for people of Capricorn for their insightful. They should not use cream and yellow colours.
  11. Blue colour is the best and lucky colour for Aquarians for energy rejuvenation. They should stay away from orange and red colours.
  12. Mild colours are friendly for Pisceans for their happiness and darker shades are unfriendly for them.

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