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New lane rules for buses in Delhi

New lane rules for buses in Delhi

Violating lane rules is one of the main reasons for road accidents. So, the Delhi government focussed on this matter and issued new lane rules for heavy vehicles like buses and goods carriers. These new rules will come into effect from April 1.

To make sure that buses and goods carriers follow lane rules, the Delhi Transport Department announced designated lanes for them.

It will implement new rules strictly with the help of the Delhi Traffic Police. It identified major corridors for implementing the drive.

The order has been issued as per the directions of the Supreme Court. Earlier, the apex court asked the government to ensure that the buses and goods carriers shall confine to their lane during the permitted hours. Except for these vehicles, no other motorized vehicle is allowed to enter the lane.

Besides, all buses shall halt only at designated bus stops. They should stop in the marked area and not violate it. They should abide by the rules.

If any bus driver does not drive the bus in the bus lane, he will be levied a fine of up to ₹10,000 for the first time violation. If the mistake is repeated and found to violate the rule for a second time, then the case will be registered for dangerous driving. His driving license will be cancelled if caught for a third time. If the mistake is found with the same bus again, the permit will be cancelled for private buses.

To take stringent actions against violators, the Delhi Transport Department decided to share a WhatsApp number with users. People can send a video if they see any bus driver violating rules so that the government will take action against them using it as evidence.

Delhi has more than 7,000 public buses at present, the highest by any government in the country. In addition to that, Delhi has over 10 million registered vehicles, which is the highest of all cities in India.

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