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Myths and facts about Remote working – 2

Myths and facts about Remote working - 2

In the previous article, you have known about some myths and facts about remote working.

In this article, you will learn about some more such myths and facts.

‘Security gets compromised with remote working’ is another myth. If employees are working from an unsecured location, then it might be a security threat.

But, if the employer provides virtual private networks (VPN) and two-factor authentication, then unauthorized access can be prevented. In experts’ opinion, if anyone wants to steal the data of the office, they would do it irrespective of the location.

Another myth is that online meetings with remote workers would be ineffective due to the lack of personal interaction. However, this is not true as in many instances it was shown that online meetings would be more effective than offline meetings.

Deadlines should be indicated to the team to meet them on time. Also, the meetings should not always be related to work as per experts. Occasional meetings about personal interests like hobbies and pets will bring the team close to work together more efficiently.

Some say that a company’s culture falls separate if the staff works remotely. But, surveys indicate that this is a myth and a company culture depends on the quality interactions of the employees whether online or offline.

As per surveys, the common myths prevalent about remote work are not true.

However, employers should make sure that their employees should work in a good environment. If they are working remotely, managers can check their productivity and the updates on task completion.

Some employees who lack discipline may not care about office work and deadlines. So, keep an eye on such employees and measure their productivity.

Managers can also ask their employees to log in while working during specific hours to avoid misuse of the privilege.

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