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Myths and facts about Remote working

Myths and facts about Remote working

Nowadays many companies are working round the clock. In this context, several employers are providing many benefits to their employees including work from home.

Working from home saves commuting times of employees and relieves the worries of the employers about their staff coming late to the office due to traffic.

The study of Gallup indicated that employees who work remotely for at least three days a week were more engaged in their jobs.

The survey of Buffer also revealed that 99 per cent of the respondents expressed their interest in working remotely for some time in the rest of their career.

Here are the myths and facts about remote work:

  • One of the biggest myths is that remote employees don’t work. This might be true for a small fraction of employees who lack discipline. But, the majority of remote workers do as much work as the in-office staff. One study showed that the work that can normally be finished within a week had been finished by the remote workers in four days.
  • Another myth is that communication with remote workers is difficult. Though in-person interaction is not possible, communication with remote workers can be done in many ways using phones, video chats etc.
  • ‘Remote workers are not productive’ is another myth. But, in real scenarios, their productivity is equal to that of in-office workers. In some cases, it is more as they can efficiently manage their household tasks childcare etc. Hence, they can be involved in office work more interestingly.
  • ‘Remote working involves too many distractions’ is another myth. Many companies argue that there are many distractions in remote working like family members and household tasks. But, this is not true. Even office space has its distractions including loud phone conversations, talking to coworkers, stepping out for breaks etc.

Learn about some more myths and facts in the next article.

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