Muslim board should be happy about yoga day

Why Muslim board should be happy about yoga day

Why Muslim board should be happy about yoga day

There have been many disagreements within the Muslim board regarding observing June 21st as the Yoga Day. However, there have been many in the community who are more than happy to celebrate this day.

The ideas that Yoga is against Islamic Doctrine and that doing Yogic kriya may turn into a Hindu are being slammed by these handful righty members. They are considering yoga to be a way for self-development and well-being of the mind and body and not something religious.

In fact, it has also been stated that there are several postures in Islam which are similar to Yogic postures. Experts have even found links between the faith and Yoga.

Farida Hamza, a Muslim living in the US had been a yoga practitioner for many years. She decided to teach yoga in 2012 which was not initially supported by those around her. She underwent her yoga training in a Hindu temple and initially she too felt guilty but states that Allah had to understand her intentions.

Indian politician-Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi is also a yoga practitioner. He urged people protesting against yoga day and stated that they are proud that countries around the world have accepted this day.

Revered Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar stated that yoga is nothing but uniting the Self and has nothing to do with religion.

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