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Assam to teach in mother tongue till Class 5

Assam to teach in mother tongue till Class 5

The central government introduced National Education Policy 2020 around 20 days ago. As per this policy, mother tongue is made mandatory as the medium of instruction till Class 5, if possible till Class 8.

After the announcement by the government regarding the use of mother tongue or regional language as a medium of instruction, it has been extensively discussed across the country, mainly in the South and North East regions. The states where English is mainly used as a medium of instruction in schools had a huge debate.

Some argue that students can understand the things easily if they are taught in their mother tongue or regional language. While others are arguing that many students who come from other states might not be knowing the regional or local language. In this scenario, they might not understand the lessons if they are taught in regional language. Besides, efforts to promote diversity will become useless.

Some states where BJP is ruling approved this proposal. Assam government is one among them.

Hence, the Assam government announced that mother tongue is mandatory to teach students of primary classes.

Assam Education Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma announced it on the Independence Day.

All schools including English medium educational institutes will have to follow the rule and teach students of primary classes till Class 5 in the mother tongue or local languages like Assamese or Tiwa, Rabha, Bodo.

Students will study in English from Class 6. However, Assamese is a mandatory subject for all schools across the state up to Class 10.

Assam government is ready to take a final decision on the reopening of schools and colleges after August 25. Besides, the government has sought feedback from stakeholders and is thinking to reopen schools from September 1 after considering their opinions.

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