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Modi’s new Air office

Modi’s new Air office

High level officials like the Prime Minister and his crew often travel for various reasons. It is obvious that they wouldn’t travel in consumer planes but their own special air crafts.

Usually, the Indian government borrows planes from Air India for these purposes. In the recent union budget, it was announced that the PM and the President of the country would be receiving two new airplanes for official usage.

These airplanes are made by global aviation giant Boeing. These high tech planes will have features on the level of the Air force one plane used by the president of USA.

Indian government has already made orders for Boeing 777-300 ER aircrafts. These planes are of the extended range class and are some of the most successful wide body airplanes made for long-distance travel.

These new airplanes are being ordered as the previously used Boeing 747 and 737 are now facing a shortage of spares. Furthermore, the maintenance cost with outdated equipment is also too high.

These planes cost ₹8458 crores and are used for the travel of VVIPs with focus on safety. They come equipped with state of the art defense systems. They have a Large Aircraft Infrared Countermeasures or LAIRCM as well as Self-Protection Suite or SPS.

These systems can detect from long range if there is a missile targeting the plane. They can even jam incoming infrared missiles to provide utmost security.

The airplanes will also come with conference rooms to hold meetings from the sky as the PM travels. In case of medical emergencies, they are also equipped with necessary medical equipment.

These high-grade crafts will be flown by top pilots from the Indian Air forces. They are given even more training to use all the onboard emergency technology.

The new planes are also more fuel-efficient despite being faster.

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