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Man buries father in ₹1.1 crore car

Man buries father in ₹1.1 crore car

When a person dies, their friends and loved ones often want to do something special to celebrate their life and honor their death.

Some people go to extreme lengths to do something special for their late loved ones. Many people have done various things to do something special for their loved ones’ deaths.

However, a Nigerian man named Azubuike has gone one step further to honor the death of his father.

After Azubuike lost his father at an old age, he decided to honor him by ditching the option of burying him in a traditional burial coffin. Instead, the Nigerian man opted to bury his father in a brand-new SUV.

The SUV in which Azubuike buried his father was made by BMW. It was a luxury SUV, worth $85,000. A video of this was shared on Facebook, and the burial of Azubuike’s father went viral.

In this video, men clad in suits can be seen lowering the luxury BMW SUV into a large grave. The body of Azubuike’s father is inside the car. There were also mourners there from the village of Ihaiala in Nigeria. However, this viral Facebook video garnered massive backlash for Azubuike’s funeral choices, with people calling it a “waste of money”.

One comment on the Facebook video said that, while buying a car for a living parent and burying him in a decent coffin is fine, burying a dead parent in a car is showing off and being foolish.

Another comment said that things such as Azubuike’s burial are what keeps black people poor. There are no details on the car that Azubuike used to bury his father.

Judging by the images, it appears to be a 2010 model BMW X6 SUV crossover. This vehicle costs about 32 million Naira in Nigeria. In India, this vehicle costs ₹1.08 crore.

While Azubuike might be doing a very special thing for his father in the eyes of some people, other people see him as wasting money and a perfectly-good car.

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