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Lucky plants to bring prosperity

Lucky plants to bring prosperity

Plants keep the environment green and happy. The greens in your surroundings help improve positivity. Some plants are believed to bring good luck.

Here is a list of some plants that are considered to be lucky and bring prosperity:

Jade is one of the luckiest plants which brings wealth and good luck. The round leaves of the plant signify wealth and prosperity. It is believed that people who receive this plant as a gift while starting a new business will be flourished with tremendous riches.

Money planet is another lucky plant. Several people exchange this on New Year Day. It is considered to bring not just fortune, but happiness as well by eliminating negative energy from your surrounding areas.

Peace lily plant keeps you happy by cleaning your surrounding air. At the same time, it is believed to be one of the lucky plants to bring fortune. The white flowers improve your peace as well.

Holy basil or Tulsi is one of the auspicious plants. It is a very common plant in Indian households. It brings purity, happiness and peace.

With its beautiful smell, jasmine brings wealth, money and love. It improves relationships as well by keeping romance fresh and lively in your surroundings.

Orchid is one of the lucky plants. Ancient Greeks believed this plant brought virility and fertility. Nowadays, people believe it brings love and peace.

Rubber plant with its rounded leaves symbolizes wealth, fortune and abundance.

Rosemary helps attract love and calms your soul. It is also considered to work well for relationships.

Morning glory keeps surroundings peaceful and happy. Some believe that placing the seeds under the pillow improves restful and sound sleep.

Experts give certain suggestions while keeping plants. It is better to avoid spiky plants in small rooms. If you want your surroundings calm, then keep plants that have round and floppy leaves. Prickly plants or plants with star-shaped leaves promote fire energy, so they are ideally kept in the middle of your home.

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