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Know what is lucky as per your Birthdate

Know what is lucky as per your Birth Date

Birthdate reveals a lot about a person’s interests, personality etc.  Your birth date also reveals your lucky number. Not just that, according to some astrologers, certain things are lucky so they can be kept at your home to bring good fortunes.

Read on about the article to know more about lucky things as per your birth date.

If your birth date is 1st of any month, then you should keep a flute made of wood in the North direction of your house.

Since the people born on 1st are ambitious and creative, they can be identified with yellow and gold colors that represent vitality and prosperity.

People who are born on 2nd of any month should keep a white-coloured showpiece that depicts a positive image in the North and South directions of the house.

As these people are calm and peace lovers they can be identified with blue color that represents enormity and power.

Keeping a whole Rudraksha in the North-East direction of the house brings good luck to people born on 3rd of a month. They have good will power and flexibility so they can be recognized with purple color.

For people born on 4th of a month, keeping whole and big pieces of glasses in the South-West direction of the house will bring fortune. Their color is red as they are courageous and competitive.

Placing a picture of Kuber or Lakshmi in the Northside of the house helps bring good luck to people born on 5th of any month.

Their color is orange due to their affection towards other people and a remarkable sense of humor.

People born on 6th of a month should keep a peacock feather in the South East side of their home to bring prosperity.

Their color is green as they like to be traditional and not show interest to change much.

Keeping a dark brown color Rudraksha in the South-East direction of the house is lucky for people born on 7th of a month. As they are introverts, they can be identified with light colors like white, grey and light brown.

Placing a black crystal in the South side of the house helps to bring good fortune to people born on 8th of any month.

Their color is light blue as they cannot easily mingle with other people at first but gradually become a good friend.

For people born on 9th of a month, keeping a pyramid in the South direction of the house will bring fortunes.

They can be identified with brown color as they seek security in life which may often seem selfish.

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