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What a signature can tell you about a person

What a signature can tell you about a person

Did you know that your signature can actually reveal secret insights into your personality makeup and characteristics? Even though every signature is unique, some signatures convey a message that is not very positive, therefore, it is advisable to stay away from people who sign their names in such a way. Take a look at some examples from which to absolutely steer clear:

A signature with a strike through it indicates a person who is depressed, and may even commit suicide sometime, as analysis has shown this to be the most common signature of suicide victims. It indicates a lack of value in life, a hatred of oneself, and a rebellious person who will always have disdain for anyone. This doesn’t necessarily mean such a person will have suicidal tendencies, but this is not a good sign.

A camouflage is illegible to anyone who reads it except for the person who signs it. This hides the real name from others, presenting a garbled version of one’s initials. This signature is limited and appreciates the self, showing someone who has lost one’s own world. It represents an attitude which is condescending, not thinking highly of others, and always self-absorbed.

A small signature is barely visible to the eye, for one must usually have particularly sharp eyes to read such a signature. They are also always signed in a hurry, as if whoever signs it is in a rush to get it over and done with. People who sign in this manner often have serious psychological problems, and an inability to communicate with others. Ones such as this often are sufferers from insecurity, able to get trampled by a crowd of others easily.

A trace-back signature is one where a person runs a line along the bottom of the signature after finishing it, from right to left. People who sign this way are usually caught up in their past, and can never accept change positively. They stay sidelined when around others and keep obsessing over what was in the past.

A scribbled signature is almost invisible, always done in a hurry, and maybe different every time a person does it. This is dangerous because such a person is always in a hurry in his or her life, and this is not always in a good way. They are always moving, and usually have no time for their family and friends, therefore isolating themselves.

To avoid having such a signature to show off better characteristics, a few tips can be offered to change it accordingly to your desire. Read over your current signature and decide what points you wish to keep and which to change.

Once you know how the signature should be, you will have a better job of changing it. Should it be simple or complicated? Revealing of the name or secretive? Large or small?

Next, choose how to do each of the two types of signatures: the full name with the first and last, and one that has only one’s initials.

You can draw inspiration from other signature without plagiarizing, and of course practice it out to develop it, and be sure to emphasize the respective capitals of your name. Hopefully, this helps to draw away bad inspiration from your signatures!

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay (Free for commercial use)

Image Reference: https://pixabay.com/illustrations/signature-handwriting-signing-4313750/

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