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Know you lucky days in this New Year

Know you lucky days in this New Year

Lucky days help you achieve your goals. These days vary with each zodiac sign. Know your lucky days in 2016. Start working on these days to get success.

The lucky day for Aries is Tuesday. This is the best day to prove yourself in this year if you are Aries. You have more power over others on these days to convince or control them.

The lucky days for Taurus are Mondays, Wednesday and Saturday. So, begin new works on these days. Tuesday is not favourable to you as you may spend it wastefully.

The favourable day for Gemini is Wednesday to commence new activities or courses. You can communicate in a great way on these days.

Friday and Sunday are suitable days for Cancer which gives pleasure. If you commence any activity on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, it will succeed. Wednesday is ideal for journeys and investments. But, Saturday is the unfavourable day.

The luckiest day for Leo is Sunday. You can succeed in commencing your activities on Sunday and achieve your goals.

For Virgo, Monday, Wednesday and Friday are the best days. But, do not begin any new activity on Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday as they are not favourable to you.

The lucky day for Libra is Friday. You can get more fame on this day and mingle with many people with your tactful approach.

All days in the week except Wednesday and Saturday are favourable for Scorpio.

Thursday is the luckiest day for Sagittarius. You can improve your network on this day.

The luckiest day for Capricorn is Saturday. This day rejuvenates and refreshes your mind to bring out your best possible outcomes.

The favourable days for Aquarius are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Wednesday and Saturday are unlucky days. Sunday is mixed.

The lucky day for Pisces is Thursday. Start your new activities on this day to yield more results.

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