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Know your characteristics as per your birthstone – 2

Know your characteristics as per your birthstone – 2

In the earlier article, you have read about the characteristics of the people born in the first six months.

In this article, you will learn about the qualities and nature of people born in the last six months as per their birthstone.

Those born in the month of July prefer the happiness of others rather than theirs. Their birthstone is ruby. They never break their promises. They value relationships and friendships. Yet, they often fail to understand the intentions of others.

People born in August are kindhearted and sympathetic. Their birthstone is peridot. They have a good sense of humour. They help others beyond their capacity. They are peace lovers. They carry love and compassion everywhere they go.

Those born in September have great confidence. Their birthstone is sapphire. They are charming. They prefer to live alone rather than in the spotlight. They often fail to achieve anything in their lives due to a lack of focus on their psychological as well as emotional health.

People born in October have good family relations. Their birthstone is opal. They are charming and loyal. They can attract people like a magnet. They do not forget things easily or forgive the mistakes of others and hold grudges till their death.

Those born in the month of November are distinctive. Their birthstone is topaz. They maintain individuality and do not meet the expectations of society. They achieve their goals with great determination. They have new ideas which will be appreciated by their surrounding people.

People born in the month of December are kindhearted and caring. Their birthstone is turquoise. They have some sort of shyness in them and cannot open up easily. They give first place to their loved ones in their lives.

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