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Keep your children safe with these products

Keep your kids safe with these products

Necessity is the mother of invention. Here are certain mothers who created or designed various products for their children.

In order to keep children safe from dangerous chemicals and plastic products, these women created new products.

Here is a list of those products:

Slurp Farm millet foods are preservative-free. When Shauravi Malik and Meghana Narayan searched to find such foods for their children, they found a very limited choice. Then, they started a firm to make preservative-free food items like cookies, pancakes and dosa batter with millets.

Diapers are one of the most widely used items for toddlers and kids. Most of them are made of plastic. If they are imported, they would be expensive. Pallavi Utagi faced a similar problem. When she found that the expensive diapers that were bought from the USA did not fit her son, she was disappointed. She researched on various fabric types and started Superbottoms, an eco-friendly diaper brand.

Children love crayons. They often lick and chew them which is toxic. But, Dabble food-grade crayons are made by two mothers. These are safe for children.

When Monica Bindra’s teenage daughter complained about rashes due to the usage of plastic sanitary pads, she didn’t know how to solve the issue. But, later her friend, Nazish approached her with the idea of designing eco-friendly sanitary pads, she agreed to the proposal happily. As a result, Laiqa brand came live. These eco-friendly pads are plastic-free.

Shumee makes eco-friendly and plastic-free toys for children. These include dollhouses, cooking sets etc.

Smitha Kamath made Praanapoorna floor cleaners for her daughter. These are bio-enzyme cleaners made with harmful chemical-free ingredients to avoid rashes on babies’ tender skin.

When Shabia Ravi Walia realized that harsh chemicals are used in soaps bought for her newborn, she was scared and started making hygiene products in her kitchen. Now, her soaps are available as Wild Earth in the market.

Prakrta baby products are made for babies with delicate skin. These homemade baby oils and creams are designed by Rupam Singh to prevent skin problems like eczema.

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