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Internet usage increased by 40 per cent in India

Internet usage increased by 40 per cent in India

The entire nation is under lockdown and people are spending more time online in their homes.

Amidst lockdown in the country, people in India are using the internet more. Whether it is entertainment or work, several people are depending on the internet which increased its usage.

Reports stated that India’s internet usage during the lockdown skyrocketed by over 40 per cent.

Act Fibernet, one of the largest wired internet service providers compared the overall data and traffic from February to April 2020 in 19 cities and revealed several interesting points.

Around 98.7 per cent of internet users in the entire user base was constantly online without a break.

The rise in demand for internet is also apparent in Tier-II cities.  The rates of uploads and downloads have also increased substantially.

While the average download rate increased by 66 per cent, the average upload increased by 33 per cent.

Due to lockdown, several people are working from home. And most of them have to be online while they are working, which might have increased usage.

In addition to that, people are watching news, funny videos etc. whenever they get bored. They are spending more time streaming content like movies and other videos, playing games, taking online classes and joining video conferencing.

Several people are killing their time by watching various shows to avoid boredom during the lockdown.

People started streaming 55 per cent more content than in the past. The report also stated that there was no difference between the traffic of weekdays and weekend.

The rate of internet traffic during the weekdays was 73 per cent while the rate of traffic during the weekend was 65 per cent.

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