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Mizoram man clears loans of four strangers

Mizoram man clears loans of four strangers

The coronavirus pandemic is troubling people in many ways. Several people lost their livelihood and jobs due to lockdown and most of them are not in a position to repay their loans.

In this situation, a man in Mizoram decided to clear the loans of four strangers who need help.

He emerged as an angel by doing so. Interestingly, the man never knew or met the people, but cleared their loans.

Besides, he did not seek publicity for his act of generosity. He strictly instructed the bank authorities to keep his identity secret.

The man is a customer of the State Bank of India Aizawl branch. He is a businessman. One day he visited the bank and told his intention of clearing the loans of a few people anonymously.

He asked the bank officials to select the names of a few people who are struggling to repay their loans so that he would clear them off. He offered the help of ₹10 lakhs and asked the bank officials to not reveal his name under any circumstances.

Very few bank people know him as he met them.

The bank people selected four people who were doing petty trades but were suffering due to COVID-19 lockdown. And their total loan amount is ₹9,96,365.

The man transferred the money online and closed their loan accounts. Out of the four beneficiaries, three are women.

When the beneficiaries were returned their land documents that had been mortgaged with the bank, they were stunned. They thanked the unidentified man with their whole heart.

However, the beneficiaries wanted to thank the man in person. The bank officials requested the man to visit the branch at their insistence, but he refused to come saying that he does not want publicity.

Though the beneficiaries had been urged to keep this matter secret, one of the beneficiaries posted about it on social media and the entire incident came into limelight.

Image Reference: The Indian Express

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