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Interesting Facts about Baahubali

Interesting Facts about Baahubali

Baahubali, a Rajamouli’s film, has been creating so much hype among fans, media and everywhere. It is releasing today. With Prabhas and Rana starring in the leading roles, fans are buying first day tickets in black ranging from Rs 2,000 to Rs 10,000.

Here are certain interesting facts about the film.

  1. Baahubali is the most expensive Indian film ever made, and is being compared to America’s blockbuster and epic battle movie ‘300’. The film is set to release in two parts and the estimated budget is Rs 2.5 billion ($40 million) for both parts.
  2. Baahubali overtakes the estimated cost (Rs 1.5 billion) of ‘Enthiran’ (Robot), a Tamil block buster of starring Superstar Rajinikanth.
  3. Around 600 artists from 17 visual effects studios throughout India, China and South Korea have worked together to create 4,500 visual effects and computer graphics for this film.
  4. It took 2 years for the completion of the first part of Baahubali. It was shot for over 383 days. It is estimated that the second part will take a further one and half a year to be shot. The estimated time for the film is more than three years.
  5. Baahubali is being released at a time in four Indian languages: Telugu, Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam. The movie is expected to release in China and South Korea in the coming months.
  6. With the estimated running time of 290 minutes for both parts, Baahubali, is the second longest Indian movie; the longest Indian movie is Gangs of Wasseypur, a Hindi movie with a running time of 319 minutes including both parts. Baahubali is the longest Telugu movie. So far, the longest Telugu movie is Daana Veera Soora Karna that was released in 1977, with a running time of 233 minutes.
  7. 2,000 extras and around 600 technicians, elephants, horses and equipment were engaged in this movie.
  8. The battle scene which comprises of approximately 20 minutes of the movie was shot for nearly four months.

Image Reference: Thewire

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