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Indian Railways improves safety measures for women

Indian Railways improves safety measures for women

To improve safety and security for women, Indian Railways initiated several measures. Union minister of railways Ashwini Vaishnaw said that Indian Railways took several steps for the safe journey of women passengers.

Here are some of them:

In long-distance express trains and mails like Garib Rath, Rajdhani, and Duronto, some berths have been earmarked for women passengers in both sleeper class and 3AC class. Women of all ages can use this facility and reserve these berths. It will benefit them whether they are travelling alone or in a group.

A few lower berths have been earmarked for senior citizens, women aged 45 years and above, and pregnant. These include the following: Six to seven lower berths per coach in sleeper class, four to five lower berths per coach in 3AC class, and three to four lower berths per coach in 2AC class, based on the number of coaches in the train.

Indian Railways took many steps in association with GRP for women passengers who are travelling alone. Some special trains are operated for women in metropolitan cities, and women RPF workers escort these trains. Railways launched Meri Saheli last October for the safety and security of women passengers during their entire journey starting from originating station to the destination.

A team of lady officers and staff will visit the coaches and identify women passengers. They note down the details of women passengers, including their seat number and coach number. They will focus more on those women who are travelling alone.

Passengers will be provided with the helpline numbers of RPF and GRP. The helpline number of RPF is 182, and that of GRP is 1512. Women passengers can dial 182 in times of emergency to contact the train escort personnel. Women passengers can provide their feedback at the end of their journey to improve the safety measures further if needed

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