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These Indian industries are at risk in the AI era

These Indian industries are at risk in the AI era

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is on the rise all over the world. Although this advancement in technology is exciting in some aspects, in others, it is frightening.

Many people fear that the use of AI in industries will cause them to lose their jobs, and in certain ways, it is.

Artificial Intelligence programs are taking on many jobs which used to be done entirely by people. However, this does not necessarily mean that people will be jobless. Whenever an upgrade in technology has occurred in history, people have always found an ecosystem to train employees to stay relevant in their industry and forge new jobs. These are four Indian industries that especially need reskilling in this era of Artificial Intelligence.

The Business Process Outsourcing industry (or BPO industry) is a part of the Information Technology industry (or IT industry), which is worth about $160 billion. Nowadays, people often talk to a programmed robotic voice over the phone and only talk to real people if they have a very important query.

Since the need for humans to answer customers’ calls is declining, it is necessary that BPO employees move into analytics services or modelling customer profiles for marketing campaigns. For this to work, these employees must be retrained fast and well.

Retail stores have been declining ever since the introduction of computers and AI, especially in terms of customer communication. Often, in a retail store, customers and store associates do not communicate with each other well, and the company fails to win customers over. However, internet companies such as Arvind Internet have made the information flow from store to store seamless. Yet this does not wipe out store associates, since AI can also be used to guide them in helping customers.

Continued industrialization has been boosting the number of robotic machines used in manufacturing, which are used to make products more quickly and efficiently. Previously, these jobs would be undertaken by people, but now, an entire factory can conceivably run on AI. However, this does not mean that factory workers will go jobless. Organizations will push this talent toward small and medium enterprises, which are only semi-automated.

Information Technology services are also being taken over by Artificial Intelligence since AI are now used in application development and maintenance.

Now, the need for training employees in a basic computer language is declining. However, employees are being trained in other areas, such as design thinking and machine learning.

Additionally, employees must be up to date with new technologies.

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