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Important IT skills for your career

Important IT skills for your career

In the information age, it is important to keep oneself up to date with new technology. The sure fire method to lag behind everyone is not to learn useful IT skills.

Even if your job doesn’t require you to be proficient with IT, having a set of skills in your portfolio will ensure that you don’t get replaced.

Recently, LinkedIn released a list of most in demand hard and soft skills. To no surprise, tech related skills were placed as most important. So, read on to know the most important skills that you can add to your profile.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing refers to using computer resources via the internet. It involves sharing of resources from various computers. This is helpful for organizations as they can simply focus on their core functions and not invest money for computing resources.

Artificial Intelligence

Most tasks are expected to be automated in the future. Whatever manual tasks which need human work now are expected to be replaced by programs. The only way to prevent being obsolete is to learn technology related to Artificial Intelligence.

UX Design

UX refers to the User experience that can be provided by a product. This includes branding, design, usability and function of any product. Many companies require good UX designers.

Mobile Application Development

This one is pretty self-explanatory. There is mobile app for almost everything these days. People who can make apps well will have a great future.

Scientific Computing

The amount of data that is available to analyze requires complex problem solving via computer programming. Computing this huge amount of data needs to be done through programming. Those who can do this well can have a lot of career opportunities.

Game Development

The video game industry is worth billions of dollars at present. There are many companies willing to pay huge amounts of money for those who can land them the next hit title.

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