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Impact of football for children

Impact of football for children

Sports can cause a lot of impact in the minds of people. An example would be the case here where children learned discipline through football. VikasPlakkot is the founder of Just for Kicks, an organization which uses football to develop life skills for marginalized students.

He recalls the story of Sayaji, a seven year old second grader. Sayaji attended a game on winter morning. VikasPlakkot was surprised to the boy completely ready in his attire. The boy was completely silent during his warm up and he went about his routine. Plakkot recalls that the boy’s father has passed away that morning. However, that did not stop Sayaji from attending the match and score the winning goal of the game. The boy has stated that this is what made him happy and that he wanted to play the game.

This goes to show how much of an impact sports can have on young minds. In government schools where basic education seems like a tough job, introducing sports is a very hard thing. However, Just for Kicks wanted to create a change in schooling. The football practices have made the children better at team work. Children from various backgrounds play at the game and they all work together to win.

Plakkot recalls that he took 12 of the most difficult to manage kids for this project and within a month, there was a tremendous change in them. Their attendance and participation in school has increased too. It is truly remarkable what a sport has done to improve the lives of these children.

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