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How to realign career pathways during COVID-19

How to realign career pathways during COVID-19

COVID-19 impacted the global economy severely. Many people lost their jobs during the lockdown and the crisis of pandemic.

Several people who worked as teachers and lecturers are now selling vegetables for their livelihood.

Some others changed their career pathways.

If you want to change your career pathway, then here are some tips provided by career coaches:

Analyze yourself and the situation: If you want to realign your career pathway, then analyze yourself and your situation. If you can handle the challenges associated with a new career and they are worthy of trying, then you can move to it.

Evaluate your qualities and qualifications: Evaluate your qualities and how they would help to build a new career. If you want to acquire new skills for a new job, then question yourself whether you are ready for it. Identify your dream job and the ways to get it. Map your core values to your job search before choosing a career transition.

Perform a thorough research on career path transition: Perform in-depth research when you decide to change your career that whether you could align your skills with the new career.

Here are the experiences of some people on how they realigned their pathways during COVID-19 pandemic:

Akshay Kumar was working as an assistant professor in a reputed college. But, he lost his job due to COVID-19 crisis. Then he decided to complete his PhD to improve his job opportunities.

Nileena Ajith was working in an event management company. When she lost her job, she decided to focus on her other skills to move to a new career. She says that getting a job is not as easy as it was in the past. So you have to check the job portals regularly. You should have to improve your online visibility with popular keywords and updated profile.

Hithan was working at a financial services company. He could successfully rejoin the company in another position by maintaining a good relationship and contacts with his manager and colleagues.

Aishwarya Mohanan was working as a category manager with an e-commerce company. She lost her job, but her previous company referred her to many companies. Hence, she got a new job. She suggests that working at small companies or freelancing is a better option now.

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