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Half of coronavirus patients are youth in India

Half of coronavirus patients are youth in India

India is witnessing more number of young coronavirus patients contrary to the trend of coronavirus in other countries across the world.

So far it has been said that the risk of coronavirus effect is more in elderly people than youth. The number of affected cases with coronavirus is more in older adults and elderly people in other countries across the globe.

But, a reverse trend is seen in India. Here, half of the coronavirus reported patients are young people. With this, experts analyze that age is not a factor for COVID-19.

The report of India Today says that young Indians are at higher risk of contracting the disease. This is because nearly 60 per cent of the COVID-19 patients are under the age of 50 years.

22 per cent of coronavirus confirmed cases are between the age of 30 and 39 and 21 per cent of patients are in their 20s. 17 per cent of patients are in their 40s.

Senior citizen aged between 60 and 80 comprise 19 per cent of confirmed cases while people aged 80 and above comprise less than 2 per cent of cases.

Some people analyze that India is a country of young people and, hence, more number of coronavirus cases are seen among them.

Some others are interpreting that Indians give priority to the family and that’s why young Indians are going out to bring essentials rather than sending elderly people in their homes. This increases the risk of young people getting infected with the virus.

Moreover, so far the coronavirus cases are seen in the people who returned from other countries and religious congregations. Most of them are young people aged below 50 years.

However, health experts warn that everyone is vulnerable to the coronavirus. Some people do not show any symptoms, but can carry the virus and transmit to others.

Hence, it is advised to follow social distancing and personal hygiene.

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