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Google removes 85 fake apps

Google removes 85 fake apps

Several security experts have found several apps from Google Play Store are prone to security threats to Android users.

These apps are deceptively displaying ads including hidden ads and full-screen ads. Some ads even run in the background.

Most of the apps are popular games, TV and remote control simulator apps.

Trend Micro first reported the issue and warned that this adware has potential enough to monitor a device’s screen unlocking functionality, and it even can run in its background.

Around 85 apps that pushed adware could affect at least 9 million users as per the report. For instance, one of the popular apps ‘Easy Universal TV Remote’ has been downloaded 5 million times among the adware apps.

The app has hidden background ads.

The researchers tested each app and found that at every turn or tap, the app would display an ad for generating money for its maker.

If you download these apps and install them, then these apps display a full-screen pop-up ad prompting constantly to press various buttons to continue.

You are not aware of how many hidden ads would be in the app. For every step you follow, it would lead to a new ad. This would happen recurrently and ultimately the app crashes.

Furthermore, some apps are loaded with malware or hidden functionality. These malicious apps have hidden code to trick the user to install malware on their devices like phones and computers.

Some malware apps would disappear showing that it is buffering. Yet, they still run in the background.

Some of these apps include A/C Air Conditioner Remote, Easy Universal TV Remote, Police Chase Extreme City 3D Game, Prado Parking City 3D Game, Garage Door Remote Control, Sport TV, TV World, Remote Control, Moto Racing, TV Remote, Idle Drift and many more.

The tech giant, Google told that it had removed all the fake apps from the Play Store.

In the last year also, Google removed more than 70,000 malicious apps from the Store.

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