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Facts about Hinduism

Facts about Hinduism

Sheetal Shah, the senior director of Hindu American Foundation lists some of the things that she wishes people knew about Hinduism.

Hinduism has a principle of pluralism

The basic core of Hinduism is that accepts the potential existence of multiple legitimate religious and spiritual paths. It also accepts that the path suited for one person may not suit another. Rig Veda states that the truth is one and that the wise call it by many names.

Caste-based discrimination is not limited to Hinduism

Discrimination based on caste is an evil that has existed in our society. However, they are not recognized by Hinduism. Even though the concepts of Varna and Jati existed, they are not rigid social classes, but rather a metaphysical framework which defines distinct qualities.

There is more to karma

Karma is not just about what goes around comes around. It is about the universal law of cause and effect. It means that actions have reactions.

Hindus worship the feminine divine

Hinduism is the only major religion which worships God in female form. Shakti is the female personification of God’s energy.

Hindu iconography has a lot of symbolism

The blue tone of Hindu gods represents the infinite nature of the sky and oceans. This means that Gods are also infinite.

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