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Significance of Red colour in Hinduism

Significance of Red colour

Red is said to be the colour of love and passion. But do you know that red is also the colour of destiny.

There are actually many meanings for red. Read on to find out its importance in Hindu traditions.


According to Hindu Mythology, sindoor is the symbol of Goddess Parvati. According to Hindu astrology, the house Aries is on the forehead. The lord of Aries Mars since the color of mars is red.


Tilak is applied to the place where the third eye of Lord Shiva, the destroyer is said to be. It is said that by applying Tilak, one can gain the power to protect the inner wisdom.

Red is the colour of sensuality

The colour red is believed to stimulate higher libido. It increases the sensuality of humans and it is the reason why brides wear everything red during marriage.

Red increases hunger

The colour red increases hunger in us. It is also the reason why restaurants add red colour to food.

Negative traits of red

Red is said to make a person more irritated. It can bring out suppressed anger in a person.

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