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Facts about WhatsApp In-Chat Payment

Facts about WhatsApp In-Chat Payment

WhatsApp In Chat payment enables users to make payments to others on their contact list.

This new feature facilitates users to send as well as receive money.

In this regard, it is apt to know how this feature works and other related things about it.

Here are certain facts about WhatsApp In-Chat Payment:

  • WhatsApp In-Chat Payment works on the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) method. Here funds can be initiated without bank account details, IFSC code etc.
  • Instant fund transfer is generated through a virtual address, Virtual Payment Address (VPA). It is fast and easy. It can be done round the clock.
  • In order to use to the payment system, click on the ‘Rupee’ symbol under the ‘Attachment’ option. After that, you can send payment by entering the amount and UPI PIN.
  • To make a payment, users need not navigate out of the chat window.
  • Simply go the chat window and click on the attachment icon. Then click on the ‘Payment’ option, enter the amount, UPI PIN and send the money. You need to click on accept terms and conditions before sending the payment.
  • This unique payment feature is easy to use as one can send payment to anyone on the contact list.
  • Sending payment is as easy as sending a message or photo.
  • The beneficiary will receive a notification about the payment on their chat window after the fund transfer.
  • WhatsApp has many users in India. Due to localization rules, WhatsApp could not roll out its payment in the county completely. Of late, WhatsApp assured the RBI and NPCI about complying with the norms.
  • As per latest reports, WhatsApp has secured regulatory approval to launch its payments platform in India. It will roll out in a phased manner.

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