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Efficacy of different COVID-19 vaccines

Efficacy of different COVID-19 vaccines

Currently, various vaccines are available for COVID-19 from across the globe. People are debating on their efficacy and effectiveness.

In this context, know the efficacy of different types of COVID-19 vaccines:

The vaccine made by Pfizer showed an efficacy of 95% against various types of COVID-19 variants like B117, B1351, and P1. B117 was first detected in the UK, B1351 in South Africa, and P1 was detected in Brazil. The vaccine prevents the symptomatic COVID-19 infection in those who get two doses. Also, its protection is almost the same in different age groups, races, and ethnic groups.

Similar efficacy has shown by the Moderna vaccine. It has 94.1% effective in preventing the symptomatic COVID-19 infection after two doses. It is also effective against different types of COVID-19 variants like B117, B1351, and P1. However, the efficacy of the vaccine is slightly lower in people aged above 65 years. But, it offers similar protection to different racial and ethnic groups.

Covishield vaccine is effective against B117 and P1. However, it offers slightly lower protection against B1351. The vaccine offers protection by stimulating the immune system to generate antibodies to protect against COVID-19. Its overall efficacy is 70%.

Russia’s Sputnik offers 91% protection. As the clinical trials were majorly conducted in Russia, protection against various COVID-19 variants had not known.

Novavax, the 2-dose protein-based vaccine, has an efficacy of 89%. It offers enough protection against B117 and B1351.

Covaxin, the 2-dose inactivated virus vaccine, has overall efficacy of 78%. The vaccine stimulates the immune cells in the immune system to create antibodies as soon as it recognizes the dead virus. It also offers protection against B117.

The single-dose vaccine of Johnson and Johnson protects against all the above three variants, but not much protection against B1351 and P1. Its overall efficacy is 66%. Its efficacy differs with geographical locations. For instance, it showed 72% effectiveness in the USA, 60% in South America, and 57% efficacy in South Africa. It offers protection 28 days after the vaccination.

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