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Effect of total lunar eclipse on zodiac signs – 2

Effect of total lunar eclipse on zodiac signs - 2

In the previous article, you have read about the effects of the full super blue blood moon on the first six zodiac signs.

Here are the effects on remaining zodiac signs.

Librans may suddenly feel that they have been losing things as of late. To make up for this, they should try to make this special night more exciting, doing whatever makes them happiest.

Scorpions may feel themselves cracking under pressure, which can be discouraging, since they are usually so full of energy and life. They should not give up on themselves, and they should hang on until they know where they want to invest their energy.

Sagittarians may suddenly feel that they aren’t making any progress in their lives, even though they have been working hard on themselves. They should not be disheartened by this, and they should look at their lives more clearly and see where they want to go next.

Capricorns may suddenly feel that they are not living up to their expectations of themselves for this year, and they may feel discouraged about their aspirations for their life. However, they should not let these sudden feelings of disheartenment get them down, and they must let go of these negative thoughts.

Aquarians may suddenly realize that something in their life is holding them back, or that something is making their life get off track. This immensely powerful moon will allow them to look at their life clearly, and they will be able to address the problems that are holding them back.

Pisceans have recently taken up something difficult in their life, and they may suddenly feel burdened and daunted by it.

However, they should not be afraid of the risk that they are taking, and they should go forward with confidence.

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