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Effects of solar eclipse on various zodiac signs

Effect of solar eclipse on various zodiac signs

The last solar eclipse that occurred today is visible in many parts of India. Astrologers say that the solar eclipse has adverse effects, especially on certain zodiac signs.

The effects of the solar eclipse will last for nearly six months from today. The predictions are mentioned below as per Moon signs (as per your birth star).

Here is a list of predicted effects for various zodiac signs:

Arians have positive effects on their career. They will have a chance of getting extra income. However, they should be cautious about health. There are chances for them to receive harsh criticism and dishonour.

Taurus people can gain spiritually. Tension, anxiety and heart-related issues are negative effects.

Geminites will strengthen their family bonding and maintain their reputation. Health-related problems and relationship issues with their partner are some negative effects.

Cancerians will improve their reputation and income. But, they may face unexpected expenses.

Leos will have an improvement in their income and intelligence. However, fertility issues may arise and unfavourable results will be produced from things that are done with a lack of interest.

Virgo individuals will see positive results in home-related matters and work surroundings. However, they should take care of the health of their mother or elderly member.

Librans have a positive change in their life and more entertainment. Yet, they should take care of their trips as there are chances of a small mishap. They should also face relationship issues with their siblings.

Scorpions gain from investments and have chances of family expansion. However, it is advised not to take hasty decisions in money matters. They may have ENT related issues.

Sagittarians will have new relationships that change their life goals. Severe health and finance issues are some negative effects.

Capricorns will have positive spirituality and fruitful results for works done with focus and determination. Tough finances and inconvenience in family or solo trips are some negative effects.

Aquarians will obtain successful results in long-term planning. However, they will have to remain calm in provocative situations.

Pisceans have a positive effect on their career as they witness growth and promotion. However, they will have to handle higher work pressure. They should also deal with their profession with caution.

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