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Eat 10-ft-long Dosa in 40min and win ₹71,000

Eat 10-ft-long Dosa in 40min and win ₹71,000

Good news to foodies as they can win ₹71,000 by completing this food challenge offered by a Delhi restaurant.

Swami Shakti Sagar restaurant, an eatery from Delhi, offered a food challenge to foodies. Those who finish the 10-feet-long Dosa in 40 minutes can win ₹71,000.

A food blogger Bhawna shared information about the food challenge and a video of the making process of dosa.

The restaurant used to make small dosas in the past. But, one day, the owner of the restaurant, Shekhar Kumar, thought of making different dosas to grab the attention of visitors to the eatery.

Then, he started a food challenge and invited foodies to join the challenge to win the prize money.

The making of 10-feet-long dosa takes around 8 minutes. The cost of dosa is ₹1,500. The restaurant started the food challenge one month ago. So far, nearly 26 people took up the challenge, but they could not finish in the specified time.

Everyone wants to win the challenge, but they lose as it is too big to consume in the said time. Some people are coming to have fun with this food challenge.

Shekhar Kumar says that they focus on both quality and quantity as several people visit their restaurant. The restaurant receives many enquiries regarding this food challenge.

Some customers who took up the dosa challenge shared their experiences. One of them said that, though the dosa was very tasty, he was not able to finish it in 40 minutes. Hence, he lost the challenge. He has been visiting the restaurant for 12 years as it offers quality food. As he could not eat the whole dosa, his family members also helped him finish it. Thus, they ensured that the dosa was not wasted even though they could not win the challenge.

Image Credit: Ronak Mota / CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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