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Donald Trump condones Pakistan

Donald Trump condones Pakistan

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, has come out with his thoughts on the War on Terror in the Middle East, specifically, in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Concerning Pakistan, he said that the country can no longer be tolerated as a safe haven for Islamic terrorists.

He called on India, in particular, to help the United States with Pakistan, given India’s long-held violent rivalry with the country. He also stated that the United States will no longer be funding Pakistan since it goes against the American policies of the War on Terror.

He said that it is time for Pakistan to dedicate itself to civilization and peace.

Concerning Afghanistan, the United States President laid out his plans on what he will do about the American troops in Afghanistan. He said that, in order to overcome his own doubts about the war in Afghanistan, he will increase the number of American troops in the country.

He did not announce how many he would send, but the United States Secretary of Defense, James Mattis, said that a total of 4,000 troops would go to aid the 8,400 troops already stationed there.

He said that the American troops would fight to win, but he did not give a timetable for how long the troops would be staying there.

This is contradictory to Trump’s initial statements about the Afghani war since he had said in his presidential campaign that the war was too costly for the United States and too many American lives had been lost in Afghanistan.

He said that his original instinct was to pull the troops out of Afghanistan at last, but he said that his national security advisors helped convince him that they could not allow the Taliban to take down the United States-backed government there.

Therefore, the United States will soon be strengthening its presence in Afghanistan, and it will also be enforcing a policy to not allow Pakistan to safely house terrorists any longer.

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  1. Avatar Marc says:

    Misuse of the word “condone”. Once Trump looks at a Map, he will actually have to condone Pakistan-which is opposite of what you said here.

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