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Do not share this content on WhatsApp

Do not share this content on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used messaging applications. In India, almost all smartphone users have this application on their devices.

There is no exaggeration to say that several people begin their day by reading or sharing good morning messages on WhatsApp and end with good night messages. Thus, WhatsApp became so popular that it became an integral part of people’s lives.

Many educated people also believe the messages shared on WhatsApp without checking their authenticity. Hence, many fake messages are spreading on the platform. As many people share these messages, they become viral.

Do you know that sharing certain types of content on WhatsApp is prohibited? If you share them, you will have to face risks.

Here are the details: 

Sharing adult content on many social media platforms, including WhatsApp, is prohibited. But, without knowing it, some people share it with other members in groups. But, if any member of the group complains about the person who shares such content, he might end up in jail.

Copyrighted content is protected by laws. Sharing it is prohibited on WhatsApp. If anyone files a complaint against such content, the person who shares such content will have to pay heavy damages. So be careful while sharing any copyrighted content or files on WhatsApp.

Sharing any content or videos related to terrorist activities is a crime and leads to ending up in jail. The government monitors such types of content for the security of the country. If anyone is found in such activities, he/she will have to face severe consequences as per the law.

Sharing an MMS of a person and blackmailing them with it is also a crime. If a complaint is filed against them, they will be behind bars. So do not blackmail or harass a person on WhatsApp by making notorious MMS.

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