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CAT 2018 – who got 100 percentile

CAT 2018 – who got 100 percentile

The CAT 2018 exam was finished with around two lakh students writing it. Out of the two lakh students who wrote the exam, the 100th percentile was achieved by only ten.

This year, all the 100th percentile students are male. Last year there were two girls who got it.

That is not all, this year, the first-ever transgender person also received a call from IIM Calcutta. IIM Kozhikode also shortlisted two transgender candidates.

In terms of a state having the highest number of 100 percentiles, Maharashtra takes the cake with seven out of the 10 coming from there. Two others are from Jadavpur University in West Bengal and the other two are from Karnataka and Bihar.

Interestingly enough, the number of girls who took the CAT exam was the highest this year. However, none of them made it to the 100th percentile.

It is important to note that the top positions were taken by some of the coaching faculty members as well. Out of the seven toppers from Mumbai, three are coaching staff. They wrote the exam to understand the changing pattern of CAT this year.

Patrick D’Souza, one such member, has scored 100th percentile for the fifth year in a row. He says that it is very important to stay up to date with all the changes that occur in the CAT exam.

Many students have achieved the 99th percentile in the exam. Scoring 174 was enough to get the 99th percentile.

Since additional marks were introduced for women and non-engineers in 2010 by IIMs, the class profile has changed and the diversity of the class has increased.

It is found that the percentage of women who are getting into IIMs has increased and is sitting at a pretty good number.

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