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What to do in case of a failed ATM transaction

What to do in case of a failed ATM transaction

ATMs are a convenient and simple way to withdraw and get access to money, and many people pay visits to ATMs very frequently. Although transactions at ATMs usually work, there are several times when a transaction at an ATM does not work.

Many people face this problem when their cash is not dispensed but their accounts are still being debited with an equivalent amount. This can be extremely inconvenient and frustrating for anyone.

Therefore, it is best to know what to do when facing an ATM transaction failure. These are some of the steps that can be taken when an ATM transaction fails.

Keep the transaction slip generated, since it is very important for helping in case of an error. It contains all important information about the ATM transaction, such as the name of the ATM bank, its location, the date and time of the transaction, and the transaction reference number.

Anyone who is a victim of a failed ATM transaction should file written complaints with the acquiring and issuing bank branches. This is required for safeguarding legal rights. A person can either make a telephone complaint to the bank’s helpline and get a complaint number or send the complaint by registered post.

When filing complaints, be sure not to panic and delay. Delaying in filing complaints can result in failed data tracking, which can hinder the recovery of the lost money. Therefore, be sure to file the complaint to the bank immediately.

If the bank in question is a public-sector bank and it does not provide the requested documents, then the Right to Information Act can be used to get the needed documents and recordings.

Finally, these are the possible reasons for ATM transaction failures.

A failure can be caused by entering in the wrong password, not having sufficient balance in the account, not having sufficient balance in the ATM, any suspicious activity occurring, having inactive cards, or having no minimum balance.

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