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Bengaluru startup rolls out the 3-day workweek

Bengaluru startup rolls out the 3-day workweek

Companies offer different policies to attract new and young talent. Offering gender-neutral parental leave and work from home are some of them.

Now, a Bengaluru startup stepped ahead and rolled out a three-day workweek for new hires. However, salary will be slightly lesser than the market rate.

Bengaluru-based Fintech company Slice is offering freshers a three-day workweek policy. It offers them 80% of the existing market salary. The company says that it is a win-win approach for both of them. Besides, employees can pursue their interests while getting constant pay and other benefits from the company.

The company announced the three-day work option on Monday. It is waiting for the response of its employees. As of now, most of its employees are confined to work from home due to COVID-19. The company assumes many of them will return to in-person work as the policy will attract them.

Slice started its operations in 2016. It offers credit cards to youth in the country. The company attracts them with various cashback offers and multiple payment options. Last month it issued more than one lakh cards.

Slice has 450 employees. It wants to recruit 1,000 more employees in the next three years. These include engineers and product managers.

The company wants to recruit for its cryptocurrency and finance-related products. It believes that their new policy of fewer working hours will attract more employees as many big tech companies like Google also does not offer it.

Not just Slice, many other companies are also shifting to fewer working days to improve the productivity of employees. TAC Security, a cybersecurity company recently shifted to a 4-day workweek. The company wants to make it permanent if the employees are happier and more productive with the move.

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