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Baba Ka Dhaba owner opens a new restaurant

Baba Ka Dhaba owner opens a new restaurant

80-year-old Kanta Prasad, the owner of Baba Ka Dhaba has opened a new restaurant in Malviya Nagar, Delhi.

Kanta Prasad became popular after his video went viral on social media. Food blogger Gaurav Wasan made a video on him and posted it on his Instagram account.

The small eatery, Baba Ka Dhaba became popular overnight and donations flooded to help the elderly man.

Kanta Prasad and his wife Badami Devi has been operating the small eatery for the past 30 years in Delhi. They used to get a few customers at their eatery before the lockdown. However, the nationwide lockdown affected the operations of the eatery due to which the elderly couple had to struggle a lot.

However, the video made by Gaurav helped them recover their operations. Several people visited the eatery and offered help.

Kanta Prasad received online help from form netizens as well. Initially, Gaurav helped him in taking care of the funds. But, Kanta Prasad lodged a complaint against him alleging the misappropriation of funds. Recently, he said that his life is in danger as he is receiving threats from some people.

Now, he has opened a new restaurant at a rented accommodation which will be functioning from tomorrow. The restaurant will serve both Indian and Chinese cuisines. Kanta Prasad thanked all the people who supported him.

Tushant Adlakha, a social worker is also working along with Kanta Prasad on opening the new restaurant.

The new restaurant is just one minute away from his old eatery so his customers can find it easily. It is equipped with a CCTV camera. It also has tables and chairs. Though the services are upgraded in the new restaurant, the menu and price remain the same.

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