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Impact of social media on Baba Ka Dhaba

Impact of social media on Baba Ka Dhaba

Baba Ka Dhaba is a small eatery in Malviya Nagar, South Delhi. It is run by 80-year-old Kanta Prasad and his wife Badami Devi.

The small eatery became popular overnight when a food blogger Gaurav Wasan filmed a video and posted it on social media.

In that video, Kanta Prasad with teary eyes explained his hardships and struggles, to meet the daily needs during the lockdown.

The video went viral and reached millions of people. Kanta Prasad became a social media star.

Several people queued up in front of Baba Ka Dhaba the next day. People across Delhi visited this eatery to have rice, dal, roti, matar paneer etc.

Kanta Prasad hailed from Azamgarh, UP. He started Baba Ka Dhaba along with his wife at the age of 50 in South Delhi. While the eatery had been helping his family to meet ends, the lockdown due to the coronavirus affected them.

Like many other migrant workers and daily labourers, the family suffered a lot. Their sons lost jobs during the lockdown which made their financial condition worse.

At that time, the video of Wasan came to their rescue. While several people visited their eatery to have food, some people promised on social media to help the family for a better living.

Many celebrities from Bollywood and Sports and politicians shared the story of Baba Ka Dhaba on social media assuring them help for improving their financial condition.

Several people visited the place to take selfies. They posted these photos on social media to grab the attention of netizens.

Many food companies and others placed their boards there to sell their brand. Baba says that though many people came to his eatery, none of them genuinely offered him help and only came for their own benefit.

Now, after 20 days, only a few people visit the eatery to have food while some people come to take selfies.

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