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Art of weaving

Art of weaving

In this modern-day, India is the sole country which creates textiles based on the genius methods of weaving. The world has lost the hand-weaving and loom method and the world seems to have forgotten about the all-natural and organic processes of making textiles. Mill-made materials and synthetics have become the most dominating method in fashion markets. An example can be seen in China.

The marketplace of the Indian handloom for both saris and woven fabrics is basically just limited to the Indian subcontinent. No other country has an indigenous fashion like India. Japan, China, or countries in South America or Africa have taken to clothes which are determined by a Europe-centric, multinational-funded fashion world.

One of the miracles of India is that we tend to still have distinctive fashion handwriting, created by our craftspeople and designed by Indians. This miracle has occurred mainly due to the supply of organic textiles and their crafts.

The fashion business isn’t static. Along with mill-made materials, loom textiles need constant innovation, style input and facilitation. In order to help the handloom sector with the design process, the central government set up the handloom Board in the Sixties. Using these new designs, the government and therefore the textile ministry has to focus once more on the world to spread India’s art.

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